Terms Questions
  • How is privacy policy in Trainbit?
    You can find information on Privacy policy page.
  • What are the terms and conditions of Trainbit?
    See Trainbit’s Terms and Conditions page.
  • Does Trainbit contain copyright law?
    Yes, all activities in Trainbit are under Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), you can find on information on Trainbit copyright policy page.
  • How can I privatize my files and folders?
    By clicking on private icon “icon” on right side of each folder /file ‘s name in file manager, you can privatize it. Only you as the owner of file and collaborators can download the privatized file if it’s under collaboration.
  • Can I use Trainbit as a backup storage?
    Yes, since Trainbit will not delete your files and provides safe and secure storage space, you can use it as a backup storage.
  • Does Trainbit support team answer my question?
    Yes, if you didn’t find enough information about your question in Trainbit help center, feel free to contact Trainbit support team via [email protected]