Privacy is one of the most important elements of user based web sites, accordingly we respect and support users’ privacy rights.

Privacy in Trainbit means, not publishing your personal information. According to the importance of your files, we have considered the most possible safety and security for them. A part of Trainbit team is working on increasing the safety and security every single day.

Please note that the privacy policy might be updated from time to time and you will be noticed.


Your uploaded files to storage space are kept in Leasweb Company’s data center and accessible in Files section only by yourself, until you decide to share them with others. We encrypt some parts of files in order to avoid unpermitted accesses to the files. Please note that no one from Trainbit team can view or open user’s uploaded files. For more safety we provide a service that gives you the opportunity of making files as private files and make them accessible only by yourself and people who are in collaboration with you on the privatized files.

Since files on Trainbit are personal, we never use or sell them.

If we get a report on illegal copy of a file, we react immediately and after its illegality proof, the file will be eliminated. This process might take from 20 up to 30 days. Please see the terms and condition about our responsibilities for keeping files.

User information

All taken information from you (e.g. registration info, profile) is for the purpose of giving better service and we don’t change or remove them without your permission.

We are not going to sell or share your profile information (e.g. Name, Email address) with any organization or advertising company.

You can remove or change your account and its information by contacting us via . Account removing process takes 24 hours to accomplish and removed information isn’t restorable.

Your activities are observable by yourself and us in Event section, but they aren’t controlled or monitored anyway, and it’s only designed to let you manage your activities.

Your communications are via SSL protocol and no one can spy or control your activities (e.g. Registration, Login).

We don’t charge automatically power users’ accounts after their plan expiration and act according to our rules in terms and conditions.

Temporary information

Part of your information such as IP, cookie, web browser and device type considered as temporary information that we are using to provide better service for you.

Web browser and device type information will be used for loading suitable GUI. We use your network information such as IP and Geographical status in order to provide you with faster possible communication and safety of your account in special cases (e.g. user identification).

Since keeping all users’ temporary information is costly they will be removed after a while.

If you see any suspicious or violation against your privacy, please report us via , and if you have any further questions please see Help center, or contact us via